Bethel United Brethren Church Cemetery

Wirt County, West Virginia

Located on Tuckers Creek Road, a little way above the old Evangelical United Brethren (E.U.B.) Church.

Latitude 39° 3' 4.7" N / Longitude 81° 30' 45.5" W M


All known burials documented.

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Burials in the Bethel United Brethren Church Cemetery

Bee (--?--). T

Lue E. (--?--), born 1883, died 1911. She married C.E. Hickman. T

Mathias E. Allman, born 30 July 1895, died 2 April 1909, son of Benjamin F. Allman and Rachel Ann Fox. T

Elmyra L. Barker, born 26 March 1845. She married Matthias Fox 30 September 1875. T

Ida May Booher, born 15 November 1887, died 9 September 1931, daughter of J.W. Booher and Elizabeth Kyle. She married Ulysses A. Cline 27 April 1905. TD

Roxie Bumgarner, born 17 May 1883, died 11 February 1958, daughter of Thomas G. Bumgarner and Louisa A. Hall. She married Andrew Sherman Fisher. T

Celia B. Cline, born 1897, died 1950.

Ira A. Cline, born 14 December 1839, died 11 November 1884. T

Isabelle Cline, born 1863, died 1883. T

Mary Lucretia Cline, born 25 October 1859, died 30 November 1951, daughter of Ira Cline and Malinda Mann. She married Evan H. Miller. TD

Ulysses A. Cline, born 24 April 1882, died 10 December 1950, son of Edmond Johnson Cline and Virginia Sophia Ballard. He married Ida May Booher 27 April 1905. He married Ottie D. Lott 15 December 1932. TD

Betty Ann Cumberledge, born 28 August 1957, died 13 November 1957, daughter of Betty Louise Cumberledge. TDD

Burl William Cumberledge, born 5 October 1934, died 21 September 2005, son of Jesse Cumberledge and Ruby Gail Mason. He married Rosa Lee Villers 20 October 1962. T

Chloie Lorenia Cumberledge, born 11 May 1940, died 28 December 1947, daughter of Jesse Cumberledge and Ruby Gail Mason. D

Eliza Jenny Cumberledge, born 1853, died 1930, daughter of Jesse Cumberledge and Delilah Davis. She married Charles Wesley James 9 August 1874. T

James Allen Cumberledge, born 20 December 1965, died 20 December 1965, son of Ruth Cumberledge. TD

Jesse Cumberledge, born 1838, died 19 February 1906. He married Delilah Davis. TD

Jesse Cumberledge, born 30 March 1898, died 8 May 1964, son of Philip Sheridan Cumberledge and Susan Amanda Cumberledge. He married Ruby Gail Mason 18 August 1929. TD

Jesse Thornton Cumberledge, born 3 March 1893, died 28 May 1966, son of Joseph M. Cumberledge and Ida Isabella James. TD

Joseph M. Cumberledge, born 1863, died 1938, son of Jesse Cumberledge and Delilah Davis. He married Ida Isabella James 13 February 1890. T

Lola Mae Cumberledge, born 8 August 1958, died 1 November 1958, daughter of Thomas Poe Cumberledge and Ruth (--?--). T

Paul Cumberledge, born 1931, died 1964. T

Philip Sheridan Cumberledge, born 4 August 1865, died 8 February 1946, son of Jesse Cumberledge and Delilah Davis. He married Susan Amanda Cumberledge 9 October 1895. TDD

Susan Amanda Cumberledge, born 16 October 1863, died 29 September 1926, daughter of George Cumberledge and Cinderella Batten. She married Miar Tucker 11 February 1880. She married Philip Sheridan Cumberledge 9 October 1895. TDD

Hannah May Curran, born 11 May 1829, died 22 May 1888. She married Sylvester C. Martin. T

George Washington Dakin, born 11 July 1861, died 11 April 1917, son of William George Dakin and Violetta Loyd. He married Martha J. Quick 5 December 1880. T

Ida Dakin, born 28 March 1885, died 14 April 1885, daughter of George Washington Dakin and Martha J. Quick. T

John William Dakin, born 21 January 1882, died 13 October 1916, son of George Washington Dakin and Martha J. Quick. He married Martha Ann Lightner 5 April 1903. T

Lewis Dakin, died 6 April 1883, son of George Washington Dakin and Martha J. Quick. T

Nancy Belle Dakin, born 30 June 1863, died 1 March 1919, daughter of William George Dakin and Violetta Loyd. She married George William Davis 4 August 1881. T

Orlea G. Dakin, born 10 September 1890, died 30 August 1891, daughter of George Washington Dakin and Martha J. Quick. T

Mary A. Davidson, born 5 March 1840, died 20 July 1920, daughter of Jonathan Davidson and Elizabeth McCoy. She married (--?--) Dodd. D

Charles S. Davis, died 13 June 1930. T

Delilah Davis, born 1834, died 1909, daughter of Charles W. Davis and Cassandra Wells. She married Jesse Cumberledge. T

Elva Maud Davis, born 1895, died 1898. T

George William Davis, born 22 November 1858, died 6 November 1933, son of Robert H. Davis and Delilah E. James. He married Nancy Belle Dakin 4 August 1881. TD

Isma Hope Davis, born 1893, died 1898. T

Jennie M. Davis, born 1886, died 3 August 1887, daughter of George William Davis and Nancy Belle Dakin. T

Reverend Joseph A. Davis, born 15 July 1842, died 9 January 1924, son of Charles W. Davis and Cassandra Wells. He married Sarah H. James 3 February 1864. TT

Mary Elizabeth Davis, born 11 August 1888, died 17 December 1958, daughter of George William Davis and Nancy Belle Dakin. She married James Spurgeon Thompson. TDD

Rebecca E. Davis, born 29 November 1869, died 2 May 1872. T

Robert H. Davis, born 29 March 1836, died 10 July 1884, son of Charles W. Davis and Cassandra Wells. He married Delilah E. James. T

William P. Davis, born 23 January 1871, died 3 February 1871, son of Reverend Joseph A. Davis and Sarah H. James. T

Andrew Sherman Fisher, born 6 July 1870, died 18 December 1954, son of John Fisher and Violetta Loyd. He married Roxie Bumgarner. TD

Anna Elizabeth Fisher, born 11 October 1859, died 23 December 1907, daughter of John Fisher and Nancy Wells. She married Jacob Randolph Moore 6 September 1883. Although thought to be buried here, she is actually buried in Mill Creek Hill Cemetery, Old Section Block 10, Hookstown, Beaver County, Pennsylvania.

Claude D. Fisher, born 1911, died 1956, son of Andrew Sherman Fisher and Roxie Bumgarner. He married Clara Belle Martin. T

Roxie Fisher, born 1903, died 1903. T

Matthias Fox, born 23 January 1839, died 13 November 1908. He married Elmyra L. Barker 30 September 1875. TD

Catharine M. Gates, born 8 August 1870, died 6 October 1871, daughter of John Gates and Rebecca A. James. TD

Delillah Jane Gates, born 1875, died 3 October 1898, daughter of John Gates and Rebecca A. James. She married Wilmer Leslie James 15 September 1892. TDD

John Gates, born 19 November 1825, died 12 December 1902, son of Solomon Gates and Hannah Stukey. He married Rebecca A. James 16 August 1866. TD

Viola May Gates, born 14 June 1867, died 12 April 1891, daughter of John Gates and Rebecca A. James. She married Peter Ersken Farley 9 June 1889. T

Lula Margaret Gilbert, born 4 June 1902, died 20 January 1977, daughter of John L. Gilbert and Hannah Gorby. She married Thomas Alexander Powell 18 September 1920. She married Raleigh M. Mitchem 21 November 1952. T

George Gray, born 1863, died 1939. He married Virginia Leeson. T

Harley Gray, born 19 April 1890, died 5 April 1906, son of George Gray and Virginia Leeson. T

Debra Kay Griffith, born 1 January 1962, died 17 January 1962, daughter of Clifford Ellis Ray Griffith and Betty Louise Cumberledge. T

Ahmera Hague, born 1853, died 3 January 1944.

Charles S. Hague, born 20 July 1879, died 4 December 1964, son of Riley W. Hague and Almeda Conant. He married Margaret (--?--). He married Louisa Jane Smith 1903. T

Lillie M. Hague, born 17 September 1909, died 8 July 2001, daughter of Charles S. Hague and Louisa Jane Smith. She married Cletis C. Jackson 28 August 1926. She was licensed to marry Friend Austin Honaker 28 March 1936. She married Sanford J. Bennett 29 June 1945. She married Friend Austin Honaker 23 February 1949. T

Boyd Hill, born 1883, died 1944. T

Simeon Taylor Hill, born 20 May 1854, died 4 May 1930, son of David Hezakiah Hill and Catharine Cline. He married Elizabeth Ann Archer 23 October 1877. He married Victoria Thomas 7 October 1880. T

Vere Hill, born 1 April 1905, died 8 April 1958, son of Taylor Hill and Victoria Thomas. T

Friend Austin Honaker, born 19 February 1902, died 23 December 1962, son of Otis P. Honaker and Kitturrah Elizabeth Kirkman. He was licensed to marry Lillie M. Hague 28 March 1936. He married Lillie M. Hague 23 February 1949. T

Charles Wesley James, born 19 July 1853, died 14 June 1900, son of George Culp James and Rebecca Lickleider. He married Eliza Jenny Cumberledge 9 August 1874. T

Clarence James, born 19 October 1894, died 14 February 1900, son of Charles Wesley James and Eliza Jenny Cumberledge. T

Delilah E. James, born 13 September 1838, died 18 August 1898, daughter of George Culp James and Rebecca Lickleider. She married Robert H. Davis. T

Effie L. James, born 4 October 1879, died 17 April 1897, daughter of Charles Wesley James and Eliza Jenny Cumberledge. T

George Culp James, born 22 February 1818, died 12 June 1914, son of Isaac James and Elizabeth Culp. He married Rebecca Lickleider. He married Mary C. (--?--). He married Cassandra (--?--). T

George Z. James, born 22 May 1875, died 31 July 1876. T

Ida Isabella James, born 5 July 1870, died 3 March 1910, daughter of John T. James and Martha Lyons. She married Joseph M. Cumberledge 13 February 1890. TD

Isaac M. James, born 1 February 1886, died 10 June 1910, son of Charles Wesley James and Eliza Jenny Cumberledge. T

John E. James, born 4 November 1891, died 1 September 1902, son of Charles Wesley James and Eliza Jenny Cumberledge. T

Rebecca A. James, born 12 May 1847, died 21 September 1908, daughter of George Culp James and Rebecca Lickleider. She married John Gates 16 August 1866. T

Rosie M. James, born 31 May 1882, died 18 February 1920. She married Amos McClain. She married Howard Dye. T

Sarah H. James, born 1843, died 24 October 1916, daughter of George Culp James and Rebecca Lickleider. She married Reverend Joseph A. Davis 3 February 1864. T

W.L. James, born 1869, died 1908.

Wilmer Leslie James, born 1868, died 14 October 1908, son of Henry Clay James and Frances W. Berry. He married Delillah Jane Gates 15 September 1892. He married Mary Buchanon. T

Bertha Jane Kidder, born 28 December 1896, died 27 March 1897, daughter of W.A. Kidder and M.L. (--?--). TDD

Virginia Leeson, born 1862, died 1954. She married George Gray. T

Martha Ann Lightner, born 17 February 1885, died 12 November 1968, daughter of John Lightner and Adaline Williamson. She married John William Dakin 5 April 1903. She married Evard Tanner 31 August 1919. TT

Jeanette Lockhart, born 3 June 1948, died 3 April 1949, daughter of Edgar Lockhart and Oda Fisher. TDD

Lelia Bell Lyons, born 18 February 1897, died 4 August 1950, daughter of Robert M. Lyons and Malinda Ann Snyder. She married Oland Casto Cline 14 November 1941. TDD

William W. Lyons, born 1829, died 1 August 1903, son of John Lyons and Elizabeth (--?--). TD

Clara May Martin, born 14 April 1868, died 18 August 1890, daughter of Sylvester C. Martin and Hannah May Curran. She married James Edward Amos 14 November 1889. She was not well when married. Marriage was not approved of by her parents. T

Emma M. Martin, born 4 November 1867, died 25 December 1888, daughter of Sylvester C. Martin and Hannah May Curran. TDD

Sylvester C. Martin, born 22 November 1824, died 21 March 1900. He married Hannah May Curran. T

Ruby Gail Mason, born 1908, died 1996. She married Jesse Cumberledge 18 August 1929. T

Amos McClain, born 10 March 1879, died 9 October 1950, son of Milton W. McClain and Mahala Weddle. He married Rosie M. James. TDD

Beatrice Irene McClain, born 6 October 1914, died 5 April 1951, daughter of Amos McClain and Rosie M. James. She married Arley K. Nolf. DD

Shawn T. McVay, born 1967, died 1990. TT

Tom E. McVay, born 3 July 1915, died 19 June 1993. T

Bertha Miller, daughter of Evan H. Miller and Mary Lucretia Cline. T

Evan H. Miller, born 1860, died 1907. He married Mary Lucretia Cline. T

Harvey Miller, son of Evan H. Miller and Mary Lucretia Cline. T

Mable Miller, daughter of Evan H. Miller and Mary Lucretia Cline. T

Bertha Elizabeth Powell, born 1923, died 14 May 1969, daughter of Thomas Alexander Powell and Lula Margaret Gilbert. She married William Orville Murray. T

Ethel Pauline Powell, born 13 March 1929, died 14 March 1929. T

Thomas Alexander Powell, born 27 July 1890, died 1 June 1940, son of Anthony Barnabas Powell and Ann Elizabeth Coss. He married Lula Margaret Gilbert 18 September 1920. TD

George Franklin Quick, born 23 April 1865, died 4 November 1948, son of Michael Quick and Rachel E. Quick. TDD

Hattie Mae Quick, born 14 January 1892, died 5 May 1916, daughter of Oliver Dudley Quick and Emma Frances Rollins. She married Clyde B. Young 28 November 1909. T

John Grant Quick, born 11 September 1869, died 25 April 1954, son of Rachel E. Quick. He married Hattie Rollins 1896. TTDD

Martha J. Quick, born 9 October 1864, died 21 November 1939, daughter of Rachel E. Quick. She married George Washington Dakin 5 December 1880. She married Charles Farrow. TDD

Oliver Dudley Quick, born 30 October 1859, died 27 February 1937, son of Rachel E. Quick. He married Emma Frances Rollins 21 November 1889. TD

Rachel E. Quick, born 1 April 1838, died 20 January 1912, daughter of John Quick and Martha Clark. She married Michael Archer 24 May 1866. She married Milton W. McClain. She married Michael Quick. T

Emma Frances Rollins, born 18 April 1872, died 7 May 1950, daughter of George W. Rollins and Tryphelia Mallory. She married Oliver Dudley Quick 21 November 1889. TDD

Louisa Jane Smith, born 1876, died 1952. She married Charles S. Hague 1903. T

Victoria Thomas, born 31 January 1862, died 11 August 1945, daughter of Anthony E. Thomas and Lucinda Conrad. She married Simeon Taylor Hill 7 October 1880. TD

James Spurgeon Thompson, born 27 March 1883, died 16 November 1946, son of William Henry Thompson and Elizabeth Bonar. He married Mary Elizabeth Davis. He married Mary Jane Stanley 1905. TDD

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