Points of Contact for Cemeteries in
(and Around) Wirt County

As Published in the Wirt County Journal
or by notices at Cemetery

Antioch Cemetery
Waveline Kerns, 734 Oak Hill Road, Elizabeth, WV 26143
Beaty Cemetery
Kevin Dooley, 357 Rector Drive, Creston, WV 26141
Belt (Strait Creek) Cemetery
Wayne Toney, HC 68 Box 30, Munday, WV 26152
Bethel Cemetery (Morristown)
Charles R. Murray, Route 1 Box 32, Elizabeth, WV 26143
Bethel Cemetery (Elizabeth Hill)
Sandra R. Watson, P.O. Box 483, Elizabeth, WV 26143
Denver Cline, 212 O'Neal Street, Belpre, OH 45714
Bethesda Baptist Church Cemetery (Palestine Old Cemetery)
Darrell Starcher, P.O. Box 142, Palestine, WV 26160
Bethesda Baptist Church Cemetery (Palestine Cemetery), Thorne Addition
Kurt Starcher or Butch Starcher, P.O. Box 82, Palestine, WV 26160
Dye Cemetery
Mary Ann VanClief, P.O. Box 281, Elizabeth, WV 26143, (304) 275-1095
Fairview Cemetery
Mary Mae Daugherty, 2298 Ballard Run Road, Elizabeth, WV 26143
Freeport Cemetery
Freeport Cemetery Fund, HC 68, Box 76A, Macfarlan, W.Va. 26148
Fought Cemetery (Bailey Farm, Newark)
Fought Cemetery Fund, c/o M.F. Mayes, Route 3 Box 255, Elizabeth, WV 26143
Foutty Cemetery
Joyce Sellers, Route 3 Box 249, Elizabeth, WV 26143
Guthrie Cemetery
Howard Collins, Route 1 Box 222-B1, Palestine, WV 26160, (304) 275-8718
Josephine Board, Route 1, Sharon Street, Mineral Wells, WV 26150
Hartley Cemetery
Harry Dye, 440 Hartley Rdg, Brohard, WV 26138
Hill Grove Cemetery
Pat Hennen, 353 Sanoma Road, Palestine, WV 26160
K of P Cemetery
Elizabeth Cemetery Association, P.O. Box 496, Elizabeth, WV 26143
Lewis-Roberts Cemetery (Ritchie County)
David Deem, 2014 Big Island Run Road, Elizabeth, WV 26143
Limestone Cemetery (Wood County)
Margaret Davis, PO Box 14, Rockport, WV 26169
Mayberry (New Home) Cemetery
Mike Windland, P.O. Box 392, Elizabeth, WV 26143
Merrill Chapel United Methodist Church Cemetery
Wayne Melrose, 304-917-9074
Becky Powell, 304-481-2175 or 304-489-2706
Mount Pleasant (Ground Hog) Cemetery
Janet Jett, 51 Marks Manor, Palestine, WV 26160
Mount Solon Cemetery
Charlie Davis, Route 3 Box 139, Elizabeth, WV 26143
Rector Cemetery
Kevin Dooley, 357 Rector Drive, Creston, WV 26141
Rockhold Cemetery
Gary Watkins, Route 2 Box 27, Elizabeth, WV 26143
Rose Hill Cemetery (Rose Hill Ridge)
Mary Mae Thompson, Route 3 Box 21, Elizabeth, WV 26143
Sandhill Cemetery
Sharon Ashley, P.O. Box 965, Mineral Wells, WV 26150
Sheppard Cemetery
W. Clive Sheppard, Route 1 Box 110, Palestine, WV 26160
Allen C. Sheppard, Route 1 Box 308, Palestine, WV 26160
Two Ripple Cemetery
Doris Slack, Route 2 Box 110, Elizabeth, WV 26143
Two Runs Cemetery
Linda Board, Route 1 Box 160, Palestine, WV 26160
Wolverton Cemetery
Sue Pepper, 7731 Munday Road, Elizabeth, WV 26143
Brian Pepper, 87 Pepper Lane, Elizabeth, WV 26143

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